Is an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon needed if your goal look isn't ethnic?

I'm african american with a mix of lineages and thats reflected somewhat in the contour of my nose. Is the reason people want an ethnic surgeon to avoid their nose looking less ethnic? I want to make the tip more narrow/defined and nostrils more narrow which I guess is less typical of afr. american noses. Would I get more out of going to a surgeon who's not focused on preserving an ethnic look?

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As far as I am concerned, all rhinoplasty is ethnic rto some extent. The goal is to provide a natural result and yet maintain a person's identity.  A good rhinoplasty surgeon can achieve this for you.

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Rhinoplasty surgeon

Your decision should be the same as any rhinoplasty patient.  You should find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who is skilled with rhinoplasty and who understands your needs and objectives.

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Who Performs 'Ethnic Rhinoplasty'?

An experienced and talented nasal surgeon will, in most instances, be able to perform a high level Rhinoplasty on virtually any ethnic group. Many noses share common characteristics with both some distinct and some subtle differences between them. An experienced surgeon should be able to handle most cases very well. However, if your surgeon has treated many patients with nasal characteristics similar to yours then he may offer a higher level of competence in performing your surgery. I wouldn't worry too much about this though. Interview several surgeons that are experienced nasal surgeons. They should have a plan that impresses you and some good photos demonstrating their work. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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Ethnic rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty should be designed for each individual patient, taking into accound ALL facial features.  The term "ethnic" as it applies to rhinopasty implies only that we as a society (and we as surgeons) recognize that faces in people of similar ethnic background have certain similar facial (and nasal) features. 

In the modern and enlightened era each rhinoplasty should be individualized to the particular patient.  For noses (and faces) with heavy "ethnic" traits it is important to choose a surgeon with a lot of experience since there are certain pitfalls to be avoided (over resection of delicate suport cartilege; failure to recognize the need to thin excess fibro-fatty soft tissues; failure to consider inadequate bone support leading to airway compromise; etc.).

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Its not about looking more or less ethnic...


Its not about looking more or less ethnic.  Its about understanding an "ethnic" nose and knowing what the cartilage and skin is like and how it will behave and react to rhinoplasty maneuvers.  You can choose to maintain your ethnic look or choose to change your look through a more dramatic rhinoplasty but at the end of the day the nose has to fit the face and the rhinoplasty has to be done properly.  Any good Rhinoplasty Specialist (A Plastic or Facial Plastic Surgeon who does mainly rhinoplasties and not other cosmetic surgeries) should be able to do a good nose job for you but one that has lots of experience with ethinic noses will understand your nose more.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty does not refer to the surgeon's background but to his or her understanding the idea that concepts of beauty differ among ethnic groups and not trying to put a one style fits all nose on everyone. People of African american, middle eastern, asian, latin american and european descent look different and have different features and feelings about what will enhance their beauty. Some want to take on features of other groups, others want to preserve their background and just refine it. Often it is a mix of both. You just need to find a surgeon with whom you can connect with and articulate how much change you want. Just remember that when it comes to some changes there is no going back so be certain of what you ask for.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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African American Rhinoplasty


The surgeons ethnicity has nothing to do with how he/she performs the surgery. Its the training, experience and results that dictate what kind of result you will get. You need to find a surgeon that understands ethnic / African American rhinoplasty and can show you consist ant results. My website below is dedicated to African American Rhinoplasty. I have developed specific techniques for ethnic and African American Rhinoplasty. I hope it helps.



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