ETHNIC Rhinoplasty in New York City/Tri State Area?

Hello everyone, I am looking to get a rhinoplasty this summer and would like to know of reputable surgeons who do ETHNIC work. I am looking to have tip refinement, bridge narrowing and subtle alar narrowing as well. Can you please let me know of anyone within the NYC area who is known and heavily experienced in this line of work, I'd really appreciate it. Looking forward to your answers :)

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Hi, Rhinoplasty is the most challanging cosmetic procedures. Ethnic rhinoplasty is even more challanging than Caucasion because of the anatomy and special surgical procedures required to get good results with Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Make sure your surgeon can show you many before and afters and can give you patient testamonials. Board certification doesnt mean anything if the surgeon cant show you his/her work on Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Make sure you make the right choice because revision Ethnic rhinoplasty can be even more challanging and coslty. See web and video link below for more information on Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Best, Dr.S.

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How to find a rhinoplasty surgeon.
















Hi.  I hope you find this article helpful.

1) Is the surgeon a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? Members usually do a lot of cosmetic surgery.

2) Did you sense a commitment to excellence in the office. Did the surgeon spend a lot of time with you? Someone who rushes through the consultation may rush through the surgery.

3) Were you treated as an individual? Did the surgeon present you with a surgical plan tailor made for you?

4) Plastic surgeons have to have a good eye and meticulous technique.  Did the surgeon show you A LOT of before and after pictures, and did you love the results?

5) Talk to other doctors you know. Established plastic surgeons have a reputation in the community, good or bad.

6)  Ask to speak to a patient who has had the procedure you want.  You are looking for a surgeon who does a lot of what you want.   Many  patients are eager to share their experience.  Privacy is preserved by having the patient call you.

7)  If you are having breast augmentation, ask if the surgeon has a large inventory of different size and shape breast implants available in the operating room.  A surgeon who does a lot of breast surgery will have an inventory.  This way, the final implant choice does not have to be made in advance.

8)   With office surgery, make sure the surgical facility is ACCREDITED.   Very important safety assurance.

9)   Make sure the anesthesia is given by a BOARD CERTIFIED ANESTHESIOLOGIST.  Another very important safety factor.

10)  Make sure the office has trained nurses available for hands-on post operative care.  This can really speed recovery.

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Everybody is ethnic

I do many Ethnic rhioplasties, as New York is a melting pot, most of my patients have some sort of ethnic desires. I give them what they want and need.

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