Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Common and Safe?

Is it just a minor surgery?

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The goal of “ethnic rhinoplasty” is to refine the nose and achieve an optimal, natural aesthetic result without diminishing all traits of ethnicity. In the past, plastic surgeons were trained to have a very narrow, homogenized perception of beauty that was based on the Caucasian ideal. A “one-size fits all” attitude was applied to rhinoplasty where nearly the same operation was performed on each patient seeking rhinoplasty. Now, doctors, patients, and current culture in general have a more global concept of beauty without one true “ideal;” rather, facial harmony, individuality, and symmetry are most-valued.

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Yes and Yes, but it is not minor

Rhinoplasty is common and generally safe, but no rhinoplasty operation is "minor". These are complex operations when considering the surgical steps and maneuvers required.

We perform our rhinoplasty operations under monitored IV sedation in a state licensed OR. Patients usually have less of the post operative nausea and vomiting that sometimes occurs from the gas type of anesthesia. So when considering anesthesia, the IV sedation technique can be easier on some patients.

Phillip Langsdon, MD
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Ethnic rhinoplasty is common and safe, but not minor surgery

Ethnic rhinoplasty is not minor surgery, it is a major procedure done under general anesthesia to change the shape of the nose. The tip cartilages, the upper lateral cartilages of the nose and the nasal bones are altered depending upon the presenting problems with the nose. Expect two weeks of bruising and swelling after. 

William Portuese, MD
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Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Common and Safe?

I don't consider any rhinoplasty minor. It is safe and common, but select a surgeon who does a lot of ethnic rhinoplasties that you like. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty's Results and Safety Depend on Where and By Whom

Dear Singpore friend,

Every patient is an ethnic patient. Just depends where you live.

Except for Native Americans, everyone in the USA is an ethnic because we or our ancestors all came from somewhere else and usually not as hospitable.

What you must know is that you need to find a very specialized and experienced surgeon who has done people of your ethnicity. A surgeon in your country should fill the bill. Singapore, with the roots of a great educational system established by the British is probably your best place.

Forget California. We just elected a really strange Governor.

Best wishes.

Robert Kotler,MD, FACS


Robert Kotler, MD
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Common and Safe

Agree with Dr Mayer NO RHINOPLASTY IS MINOR! It is a real operation that should only be done by experts. Be careful out there. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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No rhinoplasty is minor.

See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who has done many ethnic noses that you find attractive. In 35 years we have never had any serious complication from rhinoplasty, but no surgery is minor.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty


Ethnic rhinoplasty is common and safe, but it should not be considered "just minor surgery".  Rhinoplasty is considered the most difficult of all facial plastic surgerys (second only to face transplants) by plastic surgery experts.  Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Seek an Experienced Surgeon

The goals for ethnic rhinoplasty are different than for a Caucasian rhinoplasty.  This is related both to the anatomy and the aesthetic ideals in the population.  Because of this, you will want to choose a surgeon that is experienced and most importantly shares your aesthetic sense. It is not per se a matter of surgical skill but rather about the artistic nature of the procedure.  During a rhinoplasty, your surgeon is making choices in regards to appearance of the nose.  You want  to make sure that these choices are in line with what you want the final appearance of your nose to be.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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Ethnic rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty can mean alot of different things to different people. Therefore, a simple alar resection can be achieved under local. However, some of the procedures can be exceptionally complex with boner rib and cartliage graft

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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