Estimated Treatment Time and Success in Correcting Teeth? (photo)

Hello, I want to get from the wonderful experts on here an estimated treatment time and success in correcting my teeth with Invisalign? As you can see the problem is spacing/gaps with my teeth. Thanks for your input!

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Invisalign can quickly close gaps and spaces.

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Hello Big Business,

The good news is that your photo shows something similar to another patient we had who wanted to close gaps and spaces in his smile and Invisalign was the answer!  You may be a great candidate for Invisalign. Very Exciting!

Invisalign and other clear aligner methods for aligning teeth are a great way to quickly close gaps and spaces in your smile. Most cases are 6-12 months in duration. At your first visit your dentist will take impressions and send them off to Invisalign to create a Clincheck. When you return to view the Clincheck with your dentist you will be able to view your custom before and after computer simulation. At this visit the dentist will be able to give you a better idea of the duration of treatment. The Clincheck simulation is amazing to see and you will see an animation of your teeth moving into place! If you decide not to move forward with the case, you have only paid for the consult and Clincheck ( Usually $350-$450 which goes toward your case total, usally $4500-$7500 if you decide to proceed). If at the completion of your case you need a bit more movement, another set of Aligners can be ordered from Invisalign.

I have seen so many thrilled clients who have wanted to straighten their teeth for years, but did not want traditional orthodontics. Clear aligners like Invisaline and Clear Correct are the answer! The first step is to call your dentist for a complimentary consultation for Invisalign to see if you are a candidate for this great solution!

Natick Dentist

Close this gap in 5 months or less

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Not a guarantee of course because it all dpends on you the patient wearing the aligners 22 hours every day successfully. This is my best estimate of time based on your pix...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Closing spaces can be fast

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Each case is different, and other teeth will be affected and should be addressed as well, but your case likely will take around 5-7 months to close the space.  It may take longer with other teeth being a factor.

How long to close big gap?

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Eveen though you have identified the gap between your front teeth as the main issue, I suspect that there is more that willrequire correction. (It is rare that moving only two teeth will produuce a satisfactory outcome.) So I suggest that yo consult with a n orthodonitst to get a preliminary estimate of time and cost. Then if what you hear makes sense, arrange with theorthodonist for more detailed analysis and treatment planning. - which will probably incluse a digital simulation (Invisalign Clin Check) of the outcome you can anticipate. Good Luck!


Bill McNeill

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Time for Invisalign to close anterior space.

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Sounds like you need what is called a clincheck, an Invisalign proposal done with 3-d models on the computer, that will show required movements and give you a time frame for performing treatment.  Any Invisalign certified provider can do this, but most  will affix a cost if you do not proceed, although that cost is considerably less then treatment.  I have personally found that when a patient sees what Invisalign can do for them and how fast, they almost always want to do it.  The Invisalign dentist will need to take some pictures and some impressions to be able to do this clincheck proposal for you.  Good Luck!

How long it takes to close space between front teeth?

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Hi BigBusiness,

It seems if there are no other issues, and you have healthy gum and bone, the gap can close in about 5 months. Now keep in mind, I am assuming everything else is perfect and your back teeth have what we call a class I perfect bite because everything will affect everything! Although the problem is in the front, the entire mouth and teeth are like a jigsaw puzzle that must fit together perfectly for healthy bite and beautiful smile.  Having full set of photos and x-rays would really help diagnose and treatment plan this case better. It seems your teeth may be spaced due to proclination in the front.  This could be due to tongue thrust, thumb sucking, etc.

Patient compliance, periodontal health, genetics and experience of clinician is also a factor in how long a case may take.  Considering, all of these factors are most ideal, and the only issue is what we see in this partial photo, treatment takes about 5 months if not less. 

***Online Answers should NEVER be substituted for a complete clinical exam and following advice of your treating doctors based on proper and full diagnosis and treatment planning.   There is no way anyone can properly diagnose and treatment plan a patient online without an in office exam.

Daniel Noor, DMD, PC
New York Dentist

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