Can an Essix or Vivera Appliance (With a Few Pontics) Be Made in Different Thicknesses?

I received an Essix maxillary appliance with 2 molar pontics to use prior to receiving a partial denture. I did not want a temporary Stay-plate that covered the palate. Due to thickness of Essix that ruined my appearance & caused a gap everywhere in my overall bite, I asked my dentist to cut the device into 2 nesbits. Even as nesbits, thickness of the Essix devices results in a gap in my overall bite, thereby interfering with both appearance and function. Can I get a thinner Essix or Vivera?

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Essix and vivera thickness options

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An Essix can be made of many different thicknesses. Vivera if only made in one thickness.Vivers can not be made with pontics. Your doctor would have to add them into the tray and retention can be a problem.

My recommendation look into Snapon Smiles. They are a wonderful new option some dentists are using for cases who are needed removable pontics.

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