I'm a petite size 6. I want a butt enhancement. What are my options? (Photo)

Hello I have about 25% body fat im a size 6 I don't want bum implants what can I do to make my bum larger and also looking for Surgeon to do it x

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What are your options?

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Ideal candidates are at a stable weight,  in good health , and have excess fat in some parts of the body and too little in other regions.  Gaining weight before the procedure is to no advantage and when you lose weight again the fat cells will shrink just like the donor site fat cells.  Typically, the transferred fat results in a significant increase in volume of the body site being treated.

BBL/butt augmentation

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Thank you for your question and photograph.

You may benefit from a Brazilian butt lift. When I perform a BBL, I will evaluate the patient’s body to make sure that they are a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. It will also be assessed as to which areas will be liposuctioned. Depending on the amount of fat necessary to fill the buttocks/hip area, multiple donor sites on the body may be considered. After liposuction has been performed, a closed sterile system is used which ensures the fat tissue is never exposed to the air. This keeps it safe and purified for reinjection into the buttocks/hips. Our plastic surgery office uses P188, a triple-wash antibiotic that sterilizes the tissue and separates the healthy fat from any tissue that may not survive the transfer process. I will then reinject the fat to make sure that the layering is done properly, effectively and that the results are smooth and shapely. I would recommend that you schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a physical examination of your body and see if you are a good candidate for BBL or not. If you have little body fat, you may be a better candidate for buttock implants. For patients who have little body fat I recommend using buttock implants using the XYZ technique which is intramuscular. This would be the best option for you if you do not have enough body fat to harvest for a Brazilian butt lift. Best of luck in your endeavors!

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Buttocks Augmentation

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 A physical exam would best determine if you have adequate fat deposits to use for transfer. Typically the waist and abdomen as well as the back and thighs can be contoured to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. The degree of enhancement will depend on the amount of fat available.

Warm regards,

Dr Pedy Ganchi                                                                                                                                                     VIllage Plastic Surgery

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I'm a petite size 6. I want a butt enhancement. What are my options?

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Hello makedasimpson - Thanks for your question. If you have enough excess body fat, liposuction can be performed to remove this excess fat and then this fat can be injected back into your buttocks to shape and enlarge them. Some of the fat dies over the first 6 months, but the rest will typically survive. If you don't have enough excess fat, then buttock implants are really your only option. Work with a buttocks enhancement specialist to get the best outcomes. 

Good luck, 

Dr. Shah

Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS
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I'm a petite size 6. I want a butt enhancement. What are my options? (Photo)

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If you have minimal donor fat available and you don't want implants, I would suggest gaining weight( 15- 20 pounds). I have had a number of patients do just that and then when on to have a very good result. The excess fat can be lost both by removing donor fat as well as losing weight afterwards. I would suggest that you consult with a Board Certified PS with extensive experience performing buttock augmentation using fat transfer.

Butt augmentation options

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Dear makedasimpson,

If you do not want "bum" implants, your only option is fat transfer.  Seek consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate.  Good luck!

Brazilian Butt Lift/ Fat grafting/Liposuction/ High Definition Procedures/Butt Implants

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I appreciate your question.

I specialize in Brazilian Butt lifts and Body Contouring procedures.  The amount of enhancement possible depends on how much fat can be harvested from your body.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



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