Fat transfer to under eyes, resulted in lumps and bumps under eyes/lower lids? (Photo)

cheek implants along with fat transfer to cheeks and under eyes 3 weeks after the procedure, lumps forming under my right eye, i went back to my surgeon had mico lipo correction surgery 7 weeks ago the lump under my right eye still remains and lumps forming under my left eye along my socket, i am very happy with my whole face result but these lumps are extremely noticable under over head lightning what are my options?as there lumps are very close to my eyes??

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Fat Transfer

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t three weeks post-op, swelling is expected and likely the cause of your lumps. The two sides of your face can respond differently to the same procedure, resulting in more swelling on one side. It can take several months for swelling to resolve and for your body to settle into its final shape, so give yourself time and continue following up with your physician. Best of luck.

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Getting Great Results with Fat Transfer and PRP

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This could be due to swelling. You can have swelling 3-6 months after your procedure. I do recommend getting PRP injections with your fat transfer to improve results. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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