B Cup Post Baby Wanting Natural but Full D/DD, 420 Round Overs V 425 Teardrop Partial Unders? (photo)

2 different Ideas from PS. H 5'5, W 10st7, dress size 12, I want a fuller breast in proportion to my build but want them to look as natural as poss, i.e. no obvious roundness. First PS recommended round Natrelle TSX 420 overs, he said I have enough good breast tissue to blend and give a natural look, second surgeon suggested HP 425 anatomical, partial unders. I am very confused and feel like I myself need to be a PS to make an informed decision on which would give me the desired look. Please advise? Thx

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Fuller Breast Augmentation with natural appearance

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Tear drop implants have an anatomical shape so they have a more natural appearance – they do not project the upper pole and breasts. The round implants may look similar in the moderate projection style. High Profile tend to project the upper pole and may look un-natural.

London Plastic Surgeon

Overs or unders

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There is no really wrong answer in your case. You have enough breast tissue to go over the muscle or under the muscle. Most women do not and therefore I usually go under in 99% of women. Over is reserved for women with sufficient breast tissue or are body builders.

I personally do not HP implants, nor shaped implants. I prefer round smooth implants and they have done very well in my practice. the natrelles are new. The anatomics in my opinion look good for a period of time then sort of move laterally slightly giving a slightly wider gap between the breasts.

as for size, I suggest you look at photos on line that give the size and type of implant. look for someone of your size breast now. That may assist you. I think that that big of an implant with the size you are now is large, heavy and may sag quicker than you may want.

good luck. it is a question of taste and aesthetic eye of the surgeon and the patient that will work if they both communicate well.

Rick Rosen, MD
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon
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I don't recomment HP implant

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Thanks for your question and photos. Proportionately you have more fullness in the lower part of your breast and there is a fairly abrupt transition in the upper pole. It looks as though your base width of your breast is wide enough to give you a few options. I would not suggest a HP implant. It will look too round and the limited diameter will limit the height and overall fullness in the upper pole where you need it. The shaped implant might help some with this. If you elect to use a round device I think the Moderate Plus Profile will be a better fit for you. It might be worth getting one more opinion. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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