What Are the Essential Needed Items to Buy Pre-surgery?

I am having my tummy tuck with breast lift and implants on May 25th. I am trying to find out what essential items I will need to keep me comfortable and anything else. Where is the best place to sleep?

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Essentials for tummy tuck and breast surgery

Every surgeon is different, and therefore each one may suggest different things. You should really review this with your doctor's office so that you may get the correct items that his office suggests.

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Best Place to sleep after a Breast Augmentation with Tummy Tuck

Most patients find that  a comfortable recliner is much easier to sleep in for a few days than a regular bed. As regards what else you should get in preparation for your surgery, I would ask your surgeon to give you your prescriptions BEFORE surgery to allow you to get them before surgery. This would save your  care taker having to find a pharmacy after surgery. Lastly, I would rent some DVD's you may want to see, foods that you may want to eat and prepare to take it easy for a few days while you recover.

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Essentials to follwo breast augmentation and tummy tuck

First, I would be surprised if your physician has not given you a list of items to have at home after the procedure.

It is more comfortable to sleep in a flexed position after surgery as this helps to take the tension off your abdominal incision.  If you are sleeping in your bed, a foam wedge under your back and head and several pillows under your knee will easily accomplish this.  When you go to get out of bed, roll on to your side and push off with your arm, using arm muscles to sit up and not abdominal and chest.

If you would like, you can rent a recliner as an alternative.

In either case, I would get out of bed in the morning, camp out in the family room with your feet up on the coffee table to minimize swelling.  I would do foot exercises to minimize the chance of blood clots and deep breathing as well.  Getting up is now a straight shot and you have eliminated the turn.  Go for short walks.

As far as food, I typically start my patients on clear liquids, water, apple juice, tea, gatorade and then, chicken soup.  You can just drink the broth or add the noodles and then the chicken.  At that point, you can eat whatever you like.

There should be nothing required for dressing changes.

Lastly, surgery slows you down as far as inacitivity, and pain medication makes you constipated.  Thus you may consider a stool softener/ gentle laxative to take to avoid this problem post operatively.

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