CONCERNED: Is it possible to undergo surgery 2 times in a period of 10 days?

I'll get a BBL with only lipo abdomen, back and sides. And I want have a BA after 7 or 8 days the BBL, removing that my health this well (heme levels, ekc, etc ... is dangerous anesthesia twice in the little days? Can it cause serious problems?

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Breast augmentation and BBL

Why  not have the brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation done by the same surgeon at the same time?

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CONCERNED: Is it possible to undergo surgery 2 times in a period of 10 days?

I would have them done at the same time by the same surgeon who is an expert at both.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Serial procedures

When you are undergoing multiple procedures there are two main questions. How much can you do in one session (i.e. pros and cons of combining procedures) and which procedures should you do first (i.e. priorities)? If you decide to stage your procedures in series, you and your surgeon should discuss the pros and cons of the sequence both in terms of spacing and priority. While you might be able to handle major surgeries 10 days apart, it might be better to do the breast augmentation first since the physiological consequences of major liposuction is generally more impactful than a breast augmentation. Discuss fully with your surgeon as safety should be your major priority.

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You have to acknowledge that safety is priority and having another major procedure would just add risk to your already weak condition (recovery). If this would be the case of an emergency, then your life would be at risk without the surgery, but in PS is not the case.
Talk to your doctor, he will inform you better.
Have a great journey.
Dr. Cardenas

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