Eyelids are asymmetrical after Asian double eyelids blepharoplasty (Photo)

This is post 12 days of my Asian double eyelids blepharoplasty. The eyelids look asymmetrical the very first day of the surgery and they still are. Since the asymmetrical is so obvious, I begin to worry that my left eyelid going to look bigger than my right eyelid even after the swelling has gone. Your professional opinion on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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Still swollen

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Significant swelling is normal and to be expected after Asian eyelid surgery, especially if an incisional technique was used.  Once the initial swelling resolves in 1-3 months the crease (if properly created during surgery) should become better defined.

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You're ok

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Even though it has been 12 days just your photos look as though you're still within the spectrum of normal for healing. The asymmetries that you see Will improve as the weeks and months go by.  Just try to stay calm and the best advice I can give you is get out of the house and stop looking at the mirror. I perform this surgery literally every day and I can tell you that many of my own patients have looked the way you do right now and turned out to be just fine. There're also cases where I revise my work and that usually turns out very well also. You need to contact your surgeon and get reassurance and a better understanding of your healing process. I also would strongly advise that you do not, I repeat do not, try to get creative with your healing process. Do not try remedies that are suggested to you from friends or family or that you find online. Follow the directions your surgeon gives you. The best thing you can do for yourself is avoid alcohol and salty foods and throw on some sunglasses and go outside. A little bit of activity and decreased stress will help your healing process.

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