My front tooth is chipped; what would be the best way to fix the problem permanently? (Photo)

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Chipped tooth

If the tooth was chipped due to a habit (nail biting, ice chewing, etc.) the habit has to be stopped first or the chip will keep occurring, or worse, get larger. If the chip was due to trauma, a composite bonding can be done to repair it. Nothing is permanent, so if you get 5 years out of it that is low average with 7 years being high average. Any longer is a plus.

Chipped Front Tooth

How did the tooth chip? Biting into something? A traumatic injury? Do you grind your teeth?The answer will help us to find a "permanent " solution. The least invasive solution, other than doing nothing, is to bond some tooth-colored filling material into the chip. Then, polish it up real well so that it blends in and your tongue leaves the area alone.That should get you several years, maybe more.

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

Chipped tooth

great question--the best way to repair this is to bond composite into the defect--this should give you 5-15 years. a "permanent" option is to reduce both front teeth evenly to eliminate the chip--I would strongly recommend against this as you will lose too much tooth structure.

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