Is this Mondors Cords/Bands or suture pulls? (Photo)

When I looked up images of Mondors Cord the vein seem more pronounced than what I have. Mine also line up with where my sutures are so I can't tell if I have Mondors cords or pulled sutures when I raise my arms. I feel no pain with any movements and have no numbness. It occurs on both breasts and I am almost 5 weeks post op, 335cc under muscle BA.

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Ridges below the breast after Breast Augmentation.

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The procedure of Breast Augmentation requires that the ligaments that support the breast (and will support the implant) are cut to make a place to perform the operation and insert the implant. The ligaments are reattached to the chest wall when the incision is closed to restore that support. Occasionally the sutures are visible through the skin after the procedure, particularly when the arm is raised. This is not a very common occurrence and in my practice all cases of visible sutures resolve as the sutures dissolve. Some sutures used to repair the ligaments can last a long time, so they may be visible for a while, but remember that the ligaments need to be reattached to support the weight of the implant.

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Breast augmentation cords

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I would agree with you , that the cords are so symmetrical and correspond to suture placement. The good news is that this is a very short term problem. The sutures will reabsorb, the would will settle down and the cords will go away.

Talmage Raine MD FACS

Mammary fold cords after augmentation

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Congratulations on your augmentation.  The five week results look excellent.  The cords that you demonstrate are due to the dermal sutures that are dissolving and will resolve within the first two to three months.  Mondor's Cords are superficial veins that have clotted or thrombosed and become inflamed.  The are rarely so even and typically quite painful.  You should continue to do as well as you are.  Enjoy your results, but do not hesitate to bring any concerns to your surgeon's attention.

Mondor's cords

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It looks like tissue that is being pulled. Monody's cords are painful as they are caused by superficial vein thrombophlebitis.

Swelling in the connective tissue of the chest wall after breast augmentation can lead to temporary bands.

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The bands exhibited on the chest wall are fairly common after breast augmentation. This is swelling within the connective tissue that has little elasticity to begin with. This will totally disappear with time.

Mondors versus sutures.

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Hi Suzie. It looks to me like early banding due to sutures and surrounding swelling. The good news is this is temporary and should resolve within a couple of months. Congratulations and best wishes, Dr. ALDO

Is this Mondors Cords/Bands or suture pulls?

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 Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. I think, based on the photographs, that you are looking at  the effects of underlying sutures (both the pattern and the symmetry of the bands are highly suggested of underlying sutures).  Either way, the "bands" are self-limited (should not affect the long-term outcome of the procedure performed. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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