How Does Erbium Laser Benefit the Skin on the Face? Is It Worth It?

I have very light skin.I am a redhead.Told I would benefit with neck lipo and Placation.Also recommended was Erbium Laser , which was not explained to me.I do have tiny lines on marinette.Beginning to have lines lower outside of eyes, and lines on both sides of my nose to corners of mouth.Also frown lines between eyes.Really not bad for 64 yrs of age.I've always looked younger than my age.Looking forward to your response. Thanks so much; JoAnn In Dallas

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Laser skin resurfacing - erbium and CO2 lasers

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Erbium and CO2 lasers are absorbed by the water contained within skin cells. That water is heated in the process and the cell is vaporized. The CO2 laser generates more heat to the surrounding skin cells as well hence the the coagulation during laser and the subsequent increased red color of the skin after it heals with use of the CO2 laser. When performed properly in the right patient the healed skin in either case will have less surface wrinkle (adynamic lines) and a more even skin pigmentation. In these patients it is definitely worth it.

The best candidates for the procedures are older patients with light skin complexions, uneven baseline skin pigmentation and visible minor adynamic aging skin lines. You can see an example in the referenced web page.

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