Er. Yag Laser Widened and Deepened Scars, What Can I Do? My Wedding Is Coming Up.

I had skin resurfacing done with the Yag laser. I went in for a box scar on my cheek and a small scar on my eyebrow. It has been over two weeks now and both scars look deeper than before: a lot of red blotches and sores are still on my face. My wedding is at the end of next month. Why do my scars look deeper and wider? She prescribed to me a fusidic acid cream to use for the first 3 nights, and a hydrocolloid gel for abraided skin to be used 2x daily. Can you help me before the wedding?

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Laser Resurfacing and Scars

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Thank you for your question. I recommend you see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for a skin evaluation and treatment plan, especially so close to your wedding. Consider a V-Beam treatment if appropriate to help lessen the redness and potentially the widening effect after treatment. be sure to avoid the sun and wear daily sunblock. Time will heal the treated areas, and camouflage can improve its appearance. I hope this helps.

Fraxel laser for acne scars

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Many different treatments are done and have been done for acne scars.  Many involve creating wounds that will heal but hopefully with a better scar than before. This close to your wedding you need to be realistic and not chance worsening the appearance of the scars, even if they improve over time if it means that the initial appearance looks worse. Collagen production by your body can improve the scars you have that were treated but this takes many months. Box car scars usually can't be lifted up by fillers. Light dermabrasion can smoothen the walls but it can take two weeks to heal and there would be a lot of redness for many weeks thereafter.  Scar excision will not look perfect and there are risks including the wound opening and the scar spreading to a bigger size than before surgery.

You need to be seen in consultation to determine what the best type of treatment is.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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