Swelling After ePrime Procedure

I had ePrime procedure6/26 with complications-horrible swelling.Today 57day my face has minimal swelling,red with broken capillaries,brown spots,bumps underskin,scars on chin and jaw line,pain on left side of face and neck.Prominent wrinkles around mouth,sagging skin on jaw line.No improvement in skin tone,texture.Are there any of your patients had the same problems after ePrime procedure?Why my face swelled up after ePrime?What caused this problem(doctor technique,machine setting)?Thank you!

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EPrime creates volume and elasticity for youthful skin

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Hi mosellv_md, 

I am just seeing you post on ePrime- I have worked with this device for over three years now and have treated over thirty patients without any problems like those you have described here. Usually ePrime is a "minimal downtime" procedure, with mild swelling and pinkness that lasts a day or so. Some patients have a small bump at the site of needle insertion that lasts a week or so, but usually resolves within a month and is not dangerous. Patients can have some bruising also, but it is usually mild and can be minimized by avoiding blood thinners before treatment.

I would happy to look at your photos if you would like to post them. I hope this is helpful!


Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

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