Episodic Burning Pain in Both Breasts 11 Years After Implantation

What could cause episodic burning pain in both breasts with swollen auxilary lymph nodes 11 years after implantation? Saline implants 11 years,1 yr dx of hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia with episodes of elevated EBV antibody titers. Could the implants be a source of infection, even a sub acute one that won't show as above top range normal on a WBC w/diff? (Sorry, am RN but don't want to ask any of the MDs at work.)

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Episodic Burning Pain in Both Breasts 11 Years After Implantation

i don't have a definitive answer but certainly a subacute infection could be a potential cause given the axilllary swelling. As you may or may not know the FDA raised concerns about ALCL in patients with longstanding implants. You may want to consider a baseline ultrasound or imaging study.

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Pain in breasts

The most likely causes of pain in breasts include a capsular contracture, and if they are red perhaps an infection.  You should be evaluated by your surgeon.

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Pain in breasts after augmentation is can indicate capsular contracture

You need to be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon for a thorough evaluation. The first thing that comes to mind based on your description of breast 'burning' pain on both sides is capsular contracture. My recommendation would be to see a board certified plastic surgeon for an examination. It would be helpful to bring in your previous operative report which hopefully describes the exact type of implants that you have- 11 years ago, there were several different types of breast implants in use.

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