Do I Have Episacroiliac Lipoma?

I am in Canada and have been dealing with back pain since August 2009. I originally thought it was tendinitis and did not worry about it, as I got rid of it in my knee with ice and massage. It is now 11 months and the back pain hasn't gone away. I have soft tissue that moves and is painful and suspect Episacroiliac Lipoma?

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  The best way to make a diagnosis would be to perform a biopsy. If the lesion is tender it is more likely a angiolipoma, but treatment is the same. If the approach is easy, the the mass small, the lesion, if it is a lipoma, can be removed with the biopsy ( Excisonal biopsy).

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Lipoma of lower back

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Your best option to diagnose a lipoma is to see a physician who can conduct a physical examination. An MRI or biopsy may be required to establish a definitiive diagnosis.

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