Can I Still Have Facial Plastic Surgery If Cannot Have Epinephrine?

I have a Mitral Valve Prolapse and Hypertension. I take 20 mg. Nadolol 2x daily,HAVE A CATAPRAS II patch I change every 6 days, and take 160 mg. of Diovan. I do not want general anesthesia. I have skin under my chin and sagging face. I must mention long ago I got lichen planus, so if there are no surgical options, but there are other alternatives, I must be sure they would not trigger anything on my face. I am lucky since I only have a very very light lacy pattern on my legs. Thank you!

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No epinephrine

With or without epinephrine you are a high risk patient for elective cosmetic surgery and you need to understand this fully before pursuing it further. You will need general anesthesia which will be safer for you. You will need to be in a hospital type environment for the surgery and the initial 24-48 hours afterward.  Even if the technical aspect of the procedure is perfect you are still at risk for serious cardiac complication which could result in prolonged and expensive hospital care. Are you ready to accept this risk ?

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In any event you are safest under controlled general anethesia. Your blood pressure can be helped by a good anethesiologist and your airway is safe. A small amount of epinephrine may then be safe

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