Epicanthoplasty For Someone With Allergies and Who Can't Wear Contacts?

Hi, recently i have problems with my eyes, i just went for check up and the doctor said i have allergies (skin, nose and eyes) and my eyes are very dry now. He said i should nvr wear contact lens if not, i will go blind. I ask him if i am able to go for double eyelid surgery and he said okay when i recover. But i didn't ask about epi. If i have allergy, do u think i am suitable to go for epi? I am wondering this now because afterall, epi will show more of the tear duct and may affect the eyes?

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Epicanthoplasty does not affect tear ducts

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When it is safe for you to undergo double eyelid surgery, the medial epicanthoplasty can be done, since this aspect of the procedure is done away from the tear ducts and does not alter the relationship of the globe to the lower eyelid.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Don't risk it

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if there's any question that you may have problems with the epicanthoplasty don't risk it. Not much else I could tell you other than of all the things you do with Asian eyelid surgery this particular part of that procedure has more issues than any other.if you're worried about tear drainage don't do it.once your allergies have improved and you field from all your other procedures and you still feel like he needed it can always be performed later. Additionally, what you'll find is that you are less prone to scarring as you get older.

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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