Does This Epicanthoplasty Look Right? (photo)

This was taken on the third day, I know it's swollen but it's doesnt look right......I get the stitches taken out tomorrow. Any ideas?

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I am no big fan of epicanthoplasty because of the visibility of the scars.

You are right on the money.  You are so early from your procedure.  Asymmetric swelling is pretty normal.  You need time to heal.  Over time, it will be much more clear what was accomplished with your recent surgery.  Try to be patient, let your surgeon take care of you, and reassess your surgery in about 2 months.

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Does This Epicanthoplasty Look Right?

     It is too early to assess this, but there is nothing of glaring concern at this point.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Does This Epicanthoplasty Look Right?

For the procedure performed I think you are healing well for post operative day 3.  I would continue to follow your surgeons recommendations and repost pictures at a slightly later stage to revaluate final canthal position results and scarring.

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