Epicanthal Fold Type THREE to Type ONE

I have epicanthal fold type 3,I want to become #1. Yes,I realize this will have a westernizing effect and may potentially make me look to Caucasian, but I still want it, depending on the risk of SCARING. WHat are my chances of suffering unsightly scarring? I realize unsightly is relative, but what you, as a surgeon, woudl consider acceptable or unacceptable, and would it be hypertrophic or just hyperpigmentation

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Epicanthal release will give a larger eye opening

The successful conversion of a type 3 epicanthal fold to type 1 depends on your 3D orbital-nasal bone structure and the availability of the levator support at the medial portion of the upper lid.  The drawings you post are oversimplified skin diagrams that can be useful for planning, but in reality, will not be able to predict results reliably.  Hyperpigmented scars are usually temporary and minimized with proper sun protection.  Hypertrophic scars are rare with proper use of nonabsorbale suture (less inflammatory) removed at 3 to 5 days.  Best to ask your surgeon to show you a variety of results with the effects you seek. 

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