Epicanthal Fold?

Is it possible to go from having a double eyelid (like the top pictures) to one that looks similar to the bottom pictures? If so, how could this be done? Would it be like an asian blepharoplasty, except instead of creating an entire fold, it would only be in the very inner corner of the eye (where there is no fold)? Also, is it possible to lower the height of the eyelid?

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Medial Canthoplasty

From reviewing you photos, If I understand your question, you are asking if it is possible to create an epicanthal fold at the medial canthus? If so, then yes, you can do a w-plasty or a jumping man flap to create the fold in the inner most part of the upper lid. It is a fairly straight forward procedure, I would recommend going to either a plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon who has alot of experience in this area. Secondly in answer to lowering the height of the eyelid, yet that is possible but that is a tricky procedure that entails taking apart the previous fold and resetting it at the position you want. I hope that helps, and good luck!

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Yes it works, but consider some factors

It seems like you’d like to lower the outfold and make it into an infold. First of all, the question to ask is, do you originally have the outfold naturally or has this been created surgically? If this was created naturally and you were born with this outfold, then there is only one way to lower the fold, which is to enlarge the eye itself and thereby decreasing the size of the fold height. If the outfold was created surgically and you’d like to make it into an infold, then it depends on whether this was created in conjunction with epicanthoplasty or if it was just performed by creating an outfold surgically. If this was created using epicanthoplasty surgery technique, I do not recommend doing any kind of further surgery to change the shape through any source of epicanthoplasty procedure because this would increase scar formation as there is already a scar. Second of all, if this was created surgically by creating an outfold, then an infold can be created by releasing the medial upper outfold and then creating an infold surgically. This can be done and you would initially have to be seen to see how high the fold is and to what level of an infold you’d like, whether you’d like the infold to start right at the corner or a sharp infold. This depends upon your preference and how your eyes are shaped. 

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Yes it works, but be cautious

Yes, these issues can be addressed; however extreme care and caution need to be used and the risks need to be discussed with your surgeon.

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