Do i need epi? Are my eyes far apart? (photo)

Do i have severe Mongolian fold? I am doing double eyelid surgery to make my eyelid higher (medium - high), most probably doing tapered, but i am not sure if i need epi anot. Does epi suits me? Hope i can get some help here! I have post my photo here. Thanks!

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Epicanthoplasty. . .should you do it?

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Thank you for the photograph and question.


An epicanthoplasty would look nice on you, however, always remember that this is the most likely area to have a visible scar. When done correctly it can look fantastic. When done quickly and aggressively it can definitely leave a visible incision that is difficult to deal with. So knowing that have a discussion with your surgeon beforehand to find out not only what your comfort level with this procedure is but also the surgeons.


Hope that was helpful


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