Information About Enzyme Liposuction (e-lipo)?

My surgeon suggested E-LIPO . Basically, a mixture of enzyme hyaluronase, water and saline is injected in the area with the aim of 'mushing' the fat cells, and then extraction of the melted fat proceeds. I can't find any info about this anywhere apart from his website, and it also says that the procedure approval is pending . I am scared that I may be used as a guinea-pig. I know some people have done it, but is he even allowed to do it if it is on a pending status? Thanks

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Enzyme Liposuction

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Enzyme liposuction is currently not approved by the FDA and will not be performed by most board certified plastic surgeons. Be careful about proceeding with this procedure and consult other board certified plastic surgeons about your case to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible.

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