Entire Breast Fat Necrosis?

I'm 15 months post opp. With a reduction.My left breast has biopsy confirmed necrosis. It is painful!! It's growing in size for sure ( at my biopsy, 3 months post it was 5.6 cm x 4 x 6). I can't lift ny arm any more because it's so tender.there is also a visual size difference. My current insurance won't cover a new surgery as the surgery was done under a previous company. Is there anything I can do to help the pain until I can afford surgery out of pocket???

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Unusual presentation for fat necrosis

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Fat necrosis is a rather self-limiting entity.  If you have a breast mass that is getting larger do not assume that this is benign fat necrosis.  You should be seen by a general surgeon to rule out breast cancer. 

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Fat necrosis

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following reduction does not keep growing in size.  If you are truly having growing masses, you need to see your doctor.  And fat necrosis by itself does not cause pain.  You may have something else occurring and you need to see your doctor who biopsied it and find out what is really happening.

Curtis Wong, MD
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