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I'm an SLP in a long term care center. I have pt with PD and adduction of folds inadequate for defecation and only able to communicate in 2-3 word breath phrases. Pt is so frustrated that he is decreasing communication attempts with caregivers because he just gets too tired. I was told that Radiesse for vocal fold augmentation might be an option. I would like to know if there are any harmful side effects with this product so that my pt can make an informed decision. Thanks.

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Injectable focal fold augmentation with Radiesse

There is a long history of use of Radiesse (formerly Radiance) for vocal fold augmentation. Correction is generally predictable and longlasting.


Main risks are undercorrection (with inadequate improvement in voice/airway protection), overcorrection (with possible airway obstruction) and injection hematoma (again, airway obstruction).


Visit an experienced laryngologist to minimize these risks.

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