What Should I Ask an ENT Doctor Before Deciding to Get Rhinoplasty?

I'm planning to have surgery with an ENT doctor next month. He is fixing my deviated septum, my fractured nose (closed) and turbinate hyper trophy. He also said he would be shaving down the bump on my nose and when I asked him if he could make my nose have a slope, he said yes, that's reasonable. Before I commit to paying my surgery, what specific questions should I ask him? He seems like a great doctor who knows his stuff but I want to make sure I'm making the right decision. Thanks!

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To select the right doctor for your rhinoplasty, ask how many they do per month and look at their before and after photos

There are excellent rhinoplasty surgeons who are both ENT and Plastic Surgery trained. What is important is having surgery by someone who is an expert in the nose inside and out. That means if you choose an ENT doctor, are they also a facial plastic surgeon who performs many rhinoplasties? If you choose a plastic surgeon, make sure they are well versed in functional nasal surgery as well.

You also should share aesthetic goals with your surgeon and make sure that you both are seeking the same thing. By looking at a portfolio of before and after photos you can often get an idea of the doctor's style and personal aesthetics. You have one nose and want to do this operation only once.

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Questions to Ask Before Rhinoplasty

In addition to the usual questions about board certification and the scope of this surgeon's practice (you want a surgeon who does a lot of rhinoplasty work), look at pictures of the results in patients that have noses similar to yours. Before surgery, review again the surgical plan and the goals of your operation. 

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What Should I Ask an ENT Doctor Before Deciding to Get Rhinoplasty?

 The main thing to decide about any Rhinoplasty Surgeon, you are thinking of selecting, despite their board certification or organization affiliation is wether they understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose and face.  This, IMO, is what you need to be sure that you're getting with any plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure, including Rhinoplasty.

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It sounds like you have found a great surgeon that you are happy with. You might want to view some before and after photos of his previous cases.  You also, can request  that you talk to patients that have had a similar surgery by this surgeon.  If you have been on a couple of consultation appointments and everything appears to be a good match for you, I would say you have made a good choice.

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