What is a tumescent Rhinoplasty? It is reliable?

I am interested in rhinoplasty, however I have seen in my city several surgeons offering rhinoplasty with tumescent technique, I had never heard of this technique. it is reliable? I'll have the same results as with a traditional rhinoplasty technique?

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Tumescent technique in rhinoplasty

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Tumescent technique refers to a technique of local anesthesia that does not alter conciousness.  Usually a physiologic solution containing dilute local anesthetic agent and epinephrine is injected into tissues until it is turgid.  The technique has the reputation of being safe.  Other benefits include less bleeding and lower cost as the presence of an anesthetist is not necessary.  Tumescent technique was developed by a dermatologist so that he could perform liposuction on his patients in his office as an outpatient.  

Variations of this technique have been used for face/neck lifting and now rhinoplasty.  I do not use tumescent technique in rhinoplasty as I find the soft tissue distension by injection of the anesthetic solution used to achieve anesthesia impairs my ability to judge the contours of the nose during surgery.   

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