How Much Does Enophtalmos Surgery Cost?

I had an accident many years ago and i was left with enophtalmos in my right eye. I recently had a CT scan because the sunken eye bothers me probably more than the mild diplopia i was left with (i am wearing glasses for that) and i would like to have it fixed. I am also interested in knowing roughly how much should i expect the surgery to cost.

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Enophthalmos Correction

   Enophthalmos after a presumed orbital floor fracture (could be another variant) can be corrected by bone grafting or implant.  You would need an exam and examination of the CT scans.

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How Much Does Enophtalmos Surgery Cost?

You really need to see a physician to determine exactly what you need to correct your enophthalmos.  Although you posted CT scans, we still need to see the patient before determining what we do.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon.

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