When we have an enophtalmos, does the eye appear smaller than the second, i dont know what i have, but after an inflammation of my right eye, it became smaller, really smaller, i dont know where is the problem,the scan showed 1 mm of difference between the both, it is not important is it ?, and it showed too an little enophtalmos, how to correct that, is it dangerous, what is the risk, what is the best way to correct it, and how much will it cost ?

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Treatment of enophthalmos

Enophtalmos is defined as recession of the eyeball within its socket. From the outside the eyeball appears smaller and the pupil may even lie at a lower level than that of the opposite non-enophthalmic eye. Swelling of the tissues aound the eyeball may make the pupil, iris etc harder to see but technically that is not enophthalmos. Signicant sudden cases of enophthalmos cause double vision for obvious reasons. If the enophthalmos is due to a hole in the floor of the eyeball socket the treatment is to return the tissue surrounding the eyeball into the eyeball socket and plug the hole in the floor. If tissue surrounding the eyeball is diminished or atrophied the treatment would be permanent augmentation of the socket contents with a small permanent implant.

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