What procedures should I get to look more feminine? (18 year old mtf Transgender) (photos)

Hello everyone! I'm a MTF transgender, and I was wondering what kind of cosmetic procedures I should get to have my face look more feminine? I would like to have a more softer look to my face,and also I have been on hormone replacement therapy for about 2 weeks

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Facial feminization

Thank you for your question and photos. You have great skin and full hair although I cannot see your hairline. I would recommend focusing on the upper and middle thirds of your face. For your forehead, an incision is made in your hairline to get access to the brow bone. The bone is set back, and the bone on the rim of your eye socket is shaped to make your eyes bigger. When the incision is closed it will raise your eyebrows and lower your hairline. This will be the most dramatic as far as making your face look more feminine.

The other procedures I would include based on your photos would be placing cheek implants and making your nose more refined. I can't see your Adam's Apple, but that may need to be reduced as well.

Best of luck to you in your transition,

Sarah Saxon, MD

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

MTF facial imrpovments

I see you are in Texas.   I would love to help you.  I have a transgender friendly practice.  For you I would suggest Rhinoplasty - to decrease the size of your nose and make it more refined.Endoscopic browlift to arch the brows and with endoscopic burring of he frontal bone to decrease the coarseness of the contour of the lower forhead.Cheek augmentation with fat grafting to round the face subtly.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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