Enlarged Turbinates After Septorhinoplasty

I had a Septorhinoplasty 9 weeks ago to straighten a deviated Septum blocking the left nostril. Since the operation I experienced expected swelling but this has continued into persistant blocking in the right nostril and on inspection there are fleshy lumps obscuring the nasal cavity. My surgeon has looked and told me I have enlarged turbinates and probably had it before but just didn't notice? This blocking is making me feel so miserable I'm sure I would have know about it before??

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Enlarged Turbinates after Septorhinoplasty

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The turbinate probably have not changed but as Dr. Persky suggested the problem may be secondary to a reduced nasal airway following surgery. Although it would have been better to reduce the turbinates during your previous operation nasal breathing can be improved with a minor procedure at this time.

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Best Treatment for Enlarged Nasal Turbinates Following Rhinoplasty (or Even Not After Surgery)...Somnoplasty

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Hi Stuffy,

Unfortunately, only millimeters of reduction of the internal nasal passage can create marked nasal breathing obstruction.  In most rhinoplasties, the nose is reduced and the nasal valve area is made smaller.  There are rhinoplasty techniques to help prevent this, but if obstruction is due to enlarged inferior nasal turbinates, there is a wonderful, non-invasive office treatment called Somnoplasty.  Somnoplasty uses radiofrequency energy to heat the internal blood vessels of the turbinate resulting in reduction of the size of the turbinate, improvement of the nasal air passage, and best of all the physiological functions of the turbinate (filtration, humidification, and laminar air flow) are preserved.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about this safe and effective treatment.  To learn more about the procedure go to the below referenced link. Good luck and be well. Best,

Dr. P

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