Enlarged Pores Post Glycolic Peel?

Had glycolic peel six days ago by a professional at a skin clinic. After 3 days started experiencing the expected flaking and peeling. The peeling was slight and limited to hairline. Now I notice that my pores look really enlarged. Is this a normal reaction?

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Pores Enlarged Post Glycolic Peel

Your pores may be temporarily enlarged after a glycolic peel. Without assessing your skin, it is difficult to determine is there's a problem or not, and give you a solution. If the issue continues, I would recommend calling a board certified dermatologist and get an appointment to have your skin checked. If necessary, your dermatologist can prescribe topical treatments or antibiotics. For now, I'd continue to rest your skin and give it time to heal. Sometimes less is more. 

Santa Ana Dermatologist

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