Best Way to Shrink Large Pores? Laser treatment?

Does anyone know what is the best treatment for large pores? I use Retin-A Micro at night, but even if it cleans the pores, they are still so big. Can anyone recommend a different product or a laser treatment they've done that would work to shrink the pores?

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Shrinking pores with RF

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I love radiofrequency face treatment to shrink pores and decrease blackheads.  Even just one treatment results in improvement.  I use the EMatrix RF device for this treatment.  It also helps fine lines, mild scars, and lightens some brown spots.

Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon

Laser or TCA CROSS

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Large pores can be permanently decreased with FULLY ABLATIVE laser- my preferred method is with erbium plus CO2 Fractional. Also, TCA CROSS at 70-90% focally to each pores does wonders. 

I then follow this up with special compounded cream with a mix of Glycolic acid 2-4% and Vitamin A for blackheads. 


Dr Davin Lim 
Aesthetic and laser dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

Intradermal Botox could work

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Intradermal Botox (Botox injections in the skin) is a very safe and effective way to reduce the size of pores. In addition the skin gets a nice tightened tone and smooth "matte" appearance and texture to it. Results last 4-6 months and are very satisfying with no down time from the injections. Dr. Kamran Jafri

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

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