How to Enhance my Jawline, Options? (photo)

I am a 25 year old male at normal body weight who want a more defined jawline. Especially when I smile, my jaw drops and the definition almost disappear. Could liposuction beneath the jawline and chin be an option? Any other recommended alternatives? /Anton

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Jawline enhancement

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Jawline enhancement is best achieved by a combination of neck lift and/or liposuction.  Fat is usually present above and below the platysmal muscle and both need to be addressed.  If subplatysmal fat is removed a tightening of the platysmal muscle must be performed to further accentuate the jaw/neck line once fat has been removed underneath the muscle.

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Jawline in a Male

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Thanks for posting a picture, but it is hard to see your jawline.  In many case either an extended anatomical chin implant and or fillers such as Radiesse can have a nice effect on jawline definition.


Good Luck.

Enhancing the Jawline

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It is difficult to see your jawline from the photos you provided because of your beard. Shaving the beard would be needed prior to giving specific advice. Implants can be placed along the jawline or on the chin to enhance the jaw shape. Less permanent (and less invasive) options include injection of fillers or fat grafting in the deficient areas.

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Chin implant will enhance jawline.

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Hard to be sure just from photos, but you look like a a really good candidate for an anatomical extended chin implant.

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Jawline enhancement

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Thanks for the question but your photos with the beard don't allow us to even see the issue.  Why don't you shave and repost some better pictures?

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