How to Enhance Side of Butt?

Hi there I have these areas on my butt on the sides they are like depressions or big dents so my bum is not really full looking. I'm happy with the size of my bum I just want the sides to be fuller. Its hard to see in my picture but I circled the area. What can I do to maybe fill that area in. Like are there injectables? Thanks

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Shaping the sides of the buttock.

Creating a more upside down heart shape or pear shaped buttocks will create the more full look that you desire. Your type of shape is fairly common. You are fortunate that you have great buttock aesthetics overall so your surgeon can simply use fat transfer techniques to fill this area and won't have to worry about adding it anywhere else. This type of buttock shape fine tuning is very rewarding to patients and you will love the way it looks nude, in a bikini and in other clothiing because your waist to hip ratio will improve and optimize your already good buttock contour.

In the link below, I have several photos of patients that received lateral (side) fat transfer to reshape their buttocks.

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Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Fat Grafting

Contour depressions in any area the body that may be a result of too much liposuction, hereditary or normal aging can be improved with fat grafting.  The best option for improving the contour depressions in the buttock regions  is fat grafting.  The procedure entails removing excess fat with liposuction from other areas of the body such as the hips, abdomen, thighs, back etc and transferring the fat the areas of depression.  This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.

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How to Enhance Side of Butt?

The best and safest way to augment the buttocks is by fat grafting.  An experienced board certified plastic surgeon can "sculpt" a new buttock shape by injecting small quantities of fat at a time.  Adding more and more small quantities of fat during the course of the operation builds up the areas of the buttocks that are flat or depressed.  In this way, the procedure can be customized to the specific needs and desires of the patient!  Best of luck!

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Side buttock augmentation

I'm not sure that I'd do anything to improve your buttock because I'd fear taking away from it's aesthetic.  Your photo looks like what most of us have in mind when we're reshaping a buttock, I see no deformity, lack of tissue or need to reshape the buttock.  It is possible that in other views it is more visible, but until then I think surgery is not indictaed even if that's what you are requesting.

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Brazilian butt lift can even out buttocks.

Sounds like you may benefit from  Brazilian Butt lift.  Fat is removed from abdomen and reinjected into the buttocks.  You will need a good amount of fat for this procedure. 

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Filling Out The Sides Of The Buttock Ideal For Fat Injections

Given that your buttock contour concerns are in one specific area, rather than trying to increase its overall size, makes fat injections an appealing (and quite frankly only) option. No other form of synthetic injection would be appropriate for this body area. As long as you have enough fat in the stomach or waistline area, buttock enhancement with fat injections would be the safest and most successful treatment option.

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The only way is to have fat transfer to the areas you wish to roun up.

Liposuction from areas where you have plenty, can be done and the fat processed an injected into the areas you want.

You need an expert in brazilian Butt Enhancement.

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