Fractional laser treatment- is it normal to get facial inflammation on the 4th day after the treatment?

I had a fractional laser treatment last Wednesday areound 1:00pm. My face is going thru the healing process as I researched for the first 3 days. Saturday morning I hardly could open my eyes because of my cheeks are so swollen. I started putting ice nad I'm sleeping almost seating down to keep my head elevated. It's Monday now and I'm not improving at all. Is this normal? I don't look like myself.

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Swelling on the 4th day after laser

Swelling post an ablative procedure is very common. Without an actual photo, I cannot determine if the swelling is normal or due to a possible infection, which can also be common with lasers. If the swelling continues and does not subside, I recommend you see the physician that did the laser for a post-op evaluation to rule out anything abnormal. 

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Facial swelling after rational laser

Without seeing pictures or examining you it is impossible to give you a specific answer. What I can say is that swelling after an ablative laser treatment is expected. However, there are complications associated with laser resurfacing including infection. If you are concerned have your surgeon examine you to determine if an intervention with medication is needed.

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