Cellulite on thighs after smartlipo although no surgery near thigh area! What does this mean?

I just had Smartlipo 8 days ago. My stomach appears larger prior to surgery. It seemed fine about 4 days ago now it is REALLY SWOLLEN. I had upper/lower abs, flanks and back near bra area. I'm wearing a bodyshaper that seems to fit ok and doc said it was fine but to consider a corset to go on top of it. I am NOW noticing a great deal of cellulite on my inner thighs. I hear that fat now has to find somewhere to go so is it possible that the fat has attacked my thighs?

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Thanks for your question. 8 days is entirely too early to see results and very normal to have swelling. You may not see results until 3 months, sometimes up to 6. Continue wearing your compression garment as well as compression for your lower body. With time the cellulite will disappear from your inner thighs but that also requires more time as your body passes the fluid. Always stay in contact with your doctor for any changes. Hope this helps.

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SmartLipo doesn't cause cellulite, but temporary swelling after smartlipo does a pretty good impression of it

You're swollen. This is normal after any type of lipo. Get rid of the swelling and your "cellulite" will disappear. This is best accomplished with lipo massage and the regular use of your compression garment. Fat doesn't magically move around.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Cellulite after lipo.

More than likely you are getting some swelling/ fluid that is moved into the thigh area.  At 8 days post-op, I doubt you have suddenly enlarged the fat in your thighs that much.  Since you commented that your abdomen is more swollen, with compression, the fluid has to go somewhere.  It is easy for the fluid from the abdomen to travel into the pubic region and through the inguinal canal into the thighs.  You may even see these areas look bruised, even though surgery wasn't done there.Just need to give it some time.  If it concerns you, try some compression shorts to cover the inner thighs.  Also start massages to help work the fluid out.Good luck.

Scott Powell, MD
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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring with Fat Grafting

I suggest you see an expert.  Post treatment massage, compression, hyperbaric oxygen and venus legacy/vanquish/cellutone treatments are required for my patients postoperative care. I suggest cellulite be treated with similar and cellfina.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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