Breast Surgery Without Implants?

I like the shape of my breasts I wouldn't want fake round looking ones, is there an surgery option that allows me to enhance the size of my breasts without the shape changing or using implant and is safe for me to nurse a baby after? I also wouldn't want my nipples to be removed.

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Breast Enhancement

There is no way that is safe and consistant to enlarge breasts in 2014 that does not involve breast implants, there are lots of things on the internet that are not safe

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Breast Surgery Without Implants?

It would have been easier to render an opinion if you had posted photos.  However, it seems you have incorrect information.  Where did "my nipples to be removed" come from?  There is no breast augmentation where nipples are "removed".  However, breast augmentation with the use of autologous fat transfer has recently gained much popularity and it is something you might want to look into.

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Breast Augmentation or volume enhancement without Breast Implants

An alternative option to implants is fat transfer – which is a volume enhancement procedure for breasts. Suitability is an issue here, as you must have enough fat to harvest and transfer for your augmentation, from areas such as your abdomen, flanks, thighs, etc.

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Breast Enhancement Options

You may increase the volume of your breasts with fat grafting or an implant. Both when done well will be able to achieve your desire to enhance size with a natural shape without nipple destruction whilst maintaining your ability to breast feed.

The important aspect is to convey those wishes to your Plastic Surgeon so your goals are clearly understood.

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Implants or Not

Hello there

Your options would be fat grafting , which can be a bit unpredictable and may need more than one operation , or using an anatomically shaped implant that is the right shape and size for your breasts .

These can look very real and can be inserted without disturbing your nipples and shouldn't interfere with your capacity to breast-feed .



Terrence Scamp

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Breast Surgery Without Implants?

Fat grafting MAY be an option to consider. Also, keep in mind that patients who undergo breast augmentation with the use of breast implants do not necessarily end up with “fake around looking ones”. Careful communication with your plastic surgeon will ensure that you will end up with results that you are pleased with. The nipple/areola complexes do not need to be “removed” and most patients are able to breast-feed after breast augmentation surgery.

 I hope this, and the attached link, help.

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Breast Augmentation

I agree with Dr. Gottlieb.  It sounds like you may prefer fat transfer/grafting that enhances your breast volume with fat harvested from another part of your body.  You should find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your goals/options.


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Breast Surgery Without Implants?

Fat grafting is the alternative to implants as an option to increase breast size. You do need to have a suitable source for the quantity of fat needed. Most surgeons consider a one cup size increase to be a limit for reasonable expectations. I am not sure about your comment about removing nipples, which is pretty much not done. All the best. 

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