Revision in a Month and Just Diagnosed by GP with Infection in Nasal Passageway, Prescribed Naseptin Nasal Creme?

I have an infection more so in my left nasal passage of the mucous membrane. I have irritation and redness that I put down to poorly placed cartilage grafts pushing on my skin. In the last few days the irritation and soreness has increased and my nose feels hot, tight inside and sore. I need to ensure I am rid of this infection. My question is should I go back asap and ask for stronger antibiotics and will I be able to have revision. I have paid £3000 in travel and hotel expenses alone.

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Revision Rhinoplassty

It sounds that you had a revision rhinoplasty and a cartilage graft. Now there is an infection in the nose, tightness of the nose?graft. Though cartilage is slightly more resistant to infection than other material, you should be examined by a plastic surgeon to make sure the infection does not involve the graft and the nose.

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