Labiaplasty... is everything looking ok? (Photo)

I know its impossible to tell from a picture but do you think it appears to be healing well? I got my surgery on the NHS and so I haven't been given a follow up appointment and cannot contact my surgeon for reassurance. There is a slight odour and I'm not sure whether this is the result of an infection or because it is not very clean. I have been trying to gently clean it with a cotton wool bud and some salt water.

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"Train tracks " scalloping after bargain basement labiaplasty

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Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Since you paid nothing, you've gotten crudely sutured labiaplasty scars and no follow up care. This should heal, but the scalloping might be permanent. If it persists, it can be fixed, but certainly not for free. Use a spray bottle and soapy water to clean yourself and don't rub the scars with cotton or anything else.

Labiaplasty Healing

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From the looks of your photo, you seem to be healing very nicely. You're swollen, of course, which is a normal part of healing and is to be expected.

You mention a slight odor, which may be due to the difficulty of scrubbing the area while it's healing, but it would be best if you could find someone to evaluate it you. If you have no access to your surgeon, could you make an appointment at your local surgery to see your GP? You should have some sort of medical doctor available to you if you were to have a problem necessitating medical care.

The good news is your photo looks typical for a labiaplasty patient who is  healing well. For a reference point, you can click on the link below to see a labiaplasty result after the swelling has subsided. You'll get there, too!

Labiaplasty healing

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Based on your picture, it appears that you are healing adequately.  There are no outward signs of infection or incision separation. Of course the only way to be sure would be by an examination.  It is somewhat concerning that you have no access to your surgeon after such a procedure. My recommendation would be to continue wound care as instructed.


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You are recovering appropriately.  There is some swelling which is completely normal.  Please continue to cleanse the area as directed by your surgeon.  Please continue to follow up with him or her to make sure things are healing properly.

Looks perfectly fine

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This looks perfectly fine. After surgery your labia will looks swollen, asymmetric, weird and all the colors of the rainbow.  That is ok.  It will settle.  Give it full 3 months.

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