I Had Upper Blepharoplasty About 5 Yrs Ago?

over one lid i can clearly see a thick scar line not so bad on the other eye sometimes i feel across the eye inside sometimes i feel across the eye inside something is gritty and irritating my eye ball could this be from the scar tissue?

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I Had Upper Blepharoplasty About 5 Yrs Ago?

You may have dry eyes. A clinical examination actually looking at your eyelid is something your ophthalmologist can review with you. It is unlikely that an external upper lid blepharoplasty would create scarring that could be appreciable or visualizable on the lining side of your eyelid. The fact that you made a thick scar on your upper lid may be a bit of pressure banding that irritates your eye and warrants further clinical assessment. You may benefit from simply a scar revision of your upper lid, I would discuss this with a board certified surgeon who does upper lid surgery, or return to see your previous surgeon.

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Upper lid blepharoplasty

An upper lid blepharoplasty issue that you describe can develop for many different reasons, but an exam in person would be critical to determine what if anything can be done to correct your issue.

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Belpharoplasty 5 years ago

Thank you for asking about your blepharoplasty healing

  1. a suture left over from your blepharoplasty is likely - these can work their way out to the skin over years, 
  2. It may also be a small cyst in the blepoharoplasty scar, 
  3. See your original surgeon of a plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist. Best wishes.

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I Had Upper Blepharoplasty About 5 Yrs Ago?

           An upper blepharoplasty should not violate all of the layers of the eyelid and thus the scar tissue should not interact at the surface.  However, an exam would be necessary to determine this.                                                                                                                    Kenneth Hughes, MD                                                                                                                                         Los Angeles, CA

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