Not healing after infection and 2 growth removals from nasal cavity, rev rhino 4.5 months ago. Can mucous membrane heal? (photo)

I have an alar rim and spreader graft on both sides, batten graft on painful right side. Right side burning, sharp pain, fresh blood. I can see a white area on photos and wonder is it the edge of cartilage. The pain is making me miserable,keeps me up at night, cold weather makes pain worse. I'm from UK and have already flew back to US surgeon 6 weeks ago where he removed what he diagnosed as a cyst - he said it would heal.

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You need a good in person examination to determine what is the white area inside the nose. Could be the cartilage graft, if so it needs to be dealt with There is some swellinfg and redness of the ala as well. Must rule out infection as a cause of delayed healing and exposure of the graft.

Samir Shureih MD. FACS

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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