Asymmetry Issues? (photo)

I noticed around 2 weeks ago that my nipples seem uneven, after looking at a pre op photo I noticed some asymmetry. I wasn't aware of asymmetry being carried through to Post op results, I'm worried they may be permanently be off centred, do you think this should of been picked up by my surgeon and sorted during surgery? Also I cannot work out if my right has dropped which really, really doesn't help. I am 4 weeks post Op. I do not see my surgeon till 12 weeks post op. Thank You

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Asymmetry of nipples

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Augmentations only increase the size of your breasts and does not correct any asymmetry of the nipple.  Most doctors would not recommend adjusting your nipple at that time unless you were really 'way off'.  Allow yourself to heal then critique results.  But also let your surgeon know of your concerns so he/she is aware and if there are any specific instructions they may have for you to improve things, that it can be given to you.  I focus on the symmetry of the upper poles as your tube top or cleavage when wearing a tank top will be level.  Nipples can always be adjusted later if deemed necessary.

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Modest asymmetry of the breast for several weeks after breast augmentation is common.

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The breasts in the picture are still swollen is evidenced by the shiny skin. This should improve with time and with it the visible asymmetry may disappear.

Asymmetry issues

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A straight breast augmentation enhances what you start off with.  With that said, if you had asymmetry pre-operatively (most everyone is slightly asymmetric), then you will have asymmetry post-operatively with a straight augmentation, and it may seem more obvious as your breasts are larger.  Your breasts will continue to change anywhere from 3-6 months, so try not to worry about asymmetry and give it some time.  Continue with your follow up appointments and let your surgeon know about your concerns.  Re-evaluate after a few months and go from there.  ac

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Nipple asymmetry after breast augmentation

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Unless a breast lift is performed at the time of augmentation, minor nipple asymmetries that you have pre-operatively will still be seen post breast augmentation.  Nipples can be moved but only with additional incisions and scarring.  In your case, I doubt the scars would be worth the change in nipple position.  Good luck.

Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation Concerns?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. The breast asymmetry that you are referring to is visible in the preoperative and postoperative pictures. Of course, only time will tell whether the breast symmetry will improve over the course of the first several months after the procedure was performed.

 Of course, generally speaking, patient should be aware that absolute symmetry of the breasts is rarely present before or after surgery;  hopefully, the degree of breast asymmetry that you experience in the long-term will  not be bothersome.  My patients have to tolerate me saying:  “sisters, not twins” during each visit.

For precise answers to questions regarding returning to exercise, you may wish to request an earlier than scheduled follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Asymmetry Issues?

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Where there is asymmetry of nipple position before surgery, there will be asymmetry after if not addressed. This amount of pre-op asymmetry is typically not enough to justify the incisions required to accomplish a lift for better symmetry. But this is something to discuss with your surgeon. 

Post op exercise limitations are also better discussed with your surgeon. You don't comment on the type of work out. Many will allow patients to jog and do lower body exercise. The issue with using the chest muscles is the possibility of lateral displacement of the implants during the first 3 months. 

All the best. 

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