Will I have to have my areola made smaller in order to achieve lower pole as part of a mastopexy augmentation? (Photo)

I am looking to achieve a fuller yet natural shape and would love to have increased lower pole with a higher up areola / nipple. If I had a breast lift (with implants) would the surgeon have to make my areola smaller in order to achieve an increased breast area under the areola? I ask as I would like to keep my larger areola if possible. I am assuming that I can't achieve more lower pole with implants alone as my nipples are too low and the areola too large so please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Breast Augmentation without making Areolae Smaller

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From your pictures, you do not appear to need a breast lift. Therefore, you can achieve your desired result with only an implant if done correctly. There is also no reason to reduce your areolae if you do not desire to do so. Make sure you see a board certified Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in breast enhancement.

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Will I have to have my areola made smaller in order to achieve lower pole as part of a mastopexy augmentation?

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Simply based on your photographs I would suggest that you do need a periareolar left with a slight areolar reduction to raise your nipple position to look better with your new breast implants in place. The other benefit of this is that your areolar will become widened by the pressure in weight of the new implants perhaps an excessive degree. Narrowing them conservatively but not excessively can be accomplished and be aesthetically beneficial in my opinion.  Best wishes,

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Areola diameter

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Thanks for your inquiry.  I believe your surgeon could maintain your areolar diameter in his/her design of your breast lift.  Please discuss your aesthetic goals of your nipple areolar complex with your surgeon and best of luck.  

Breast lift with implants - can my areolae remain large?

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Thank you for asking about your breast lift with implants.

  • At least in the photos, I am not seeing the need for a lift.
  • Usually a lift is needed if the nipples lie below the breast fold -
  • In all the photos, the nipples seem to lie at the fold.
  • If correct, then you don't need a lift.
  • If incorrect, you don't need much lift and your large areolae should be able to remain much the same.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

It all depends

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In my experience, the more skin that needs to come out to lift the breast to an appropriate position and still leave room for a breast implant, the smaller the areola will need to be made to accomplish that goal. Having said that, I have left  areolas as large as 48 mm in the past and accomplished a successful breast lift with implants. based on the size of implant chosen and the stretching  of your skin, your plastic surgeon can determine how much areola needs to be removed to make everything match. Best of luck.

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