Looking for surgical procedure to give me neutral facial expression or "happier" one (Photo)

I have a problem that because the way my mouth hangs it makes my facial expression look really angry/sad.I have had this my whole life. I would like to have a neutral/ happier facial expression. I was wondering what surgical procedure could I have to achieve this? I would like to have a permanent solution to this problem really so I definitely do not want to have fillers or botox . Thank you for your help :)

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Small jaw?

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It is a bit difficult to analyze your mouth/lips without seeing more of your face.  I suspect that you might have a relatively small lower jaw that leads to your lower lip drooping down a bit.   Sometimes a lip reduction can be helpful.  However, again you should have a complete facial analysis done by a qualified surgeon and they can provide the proper direction for you. 

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Sad mouth

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While it is difficult to evaluate your situation based on the available photos, it is true that some people have a "sadder" appearance around the mouth due to soft tissue factors, skeletal factors, and perhaps resting muscular tone. While there are actually fairly minor procedures that can give the appearance of a "happier" mouth, they are not commonly performed as the patient can be left with visible, although minimal scars. You really should have an evaluation with a facial plastic specialist who can more adequately evaluate you in person.

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Denver Plastic Surgeon

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