Had Facial Fat Transfer 10 Days to Help Hollow Under Eye Ago Don't Look Any Different?

Hi I had upper eyelid surgery and upper facial fat transfer to help rejuvenate hollow eyes 10 days ago ,the swelling bruising gone look same as before I went I don't look any different can I apart From my eyelids slightly . I can see fat lumps along the top of cheek bone under each eye when I squint you can see the lumps so wondered if this eventually diverse and fill under the eye hollows as at the moment look like really dark hollow shadows spent £2,500 feel like wasted my money

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Fat Transfer at 10 Days

First of all, at ten days it is much too early to be able to draw any conclusions about the final appearance after your procedure.  Swelling, even if not apparent, is probably blurring the contours.  You should, of course, discuss this with your own plastic surgeon.

That being said, it is more typical to have OVERcorrection at this relatively early stage.  When patients suggest that there is more fullness in the area that's been treated than they were expecting at ten days, the advice often is to just wait it out and let the swelling go down on its own.

From that standpoint, I understand your concern.  But, most likely, once the swelling goes down you'll see the benefit of the procedure you've had done.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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