Why would the practitioner who messed my face up with Uma Jeunesse tell me it can't be dissolved?

With una junesse filler. Tell me it can't be dissolved. Had una junesse on one side of nasal/mouth line.spoke to company who makes the product they said it could be dissolved with hyalase. It spread up my face left rings and puffiness under both my eyes.

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Why is practitioner saying filler cannot be dissolved?

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Just because an injector does filler does not mean they use or are comfortable using hyaluronidase to remove it. Should they be? Absolutely. Does it happen often where people do fillers and have no ability to use hyaluronidase? Yes, absolutely. If you have an HA filler then yes, it can be removed with hyaluronidase. You need to find an experienced injector for hyaluronidase because taking it out is just as much an art as putting it in to begin with.

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