Not sure to get the Rhinoplasty first or a BBL?

Supposed to get a rhinoplasty job done on the 10th Jan and bbl a couple months after however my friend decided for us to get the bbl done during December during the holidays. I want to do my nose first and think and that and then do the bbl however as she is coming with me to Istanbul and having someone there is better as I was going to go alone. What should I do reschedule my rhinoplasty and do the bbl or do the bbl in Marbella and then do the rhinoplasty is Istanbul?

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Not sure to get the Rhinoplasty first or a BBL?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.... Actually this is up to your hemoglobin levels and your decision at that moment dear, remember that for lipo your hemo has to be at least in 12.5, do not worry a lot for the rhinoplasty, it doesn't have to be that high. so you start with what you're more comfy with..

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What sequence should I have my surgery?

These are both different procedures and can be performed in either order depending on personal preferences. The recovery for a BBL is usually longer than rhinoplasty if that affects your decision process. Good luck! 

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Very different surgeries

From a technical standpoint these 2 procedures couldn't be any more different. Either on can be performed first but from an overall body stress standpoint the BBL will be much more taxing and require a longer downtime. Good Luck

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